Polymer Marketing Dept.

WDaicel FineChem had been developed our synthetic resin emulsion adhesive, CEVIAN-A, AQUABRID,ECOBLID for many years, and our products had been used for many kind of application as adhesive, glue, coating, binder.
Our polymerization and compounding technology of grades synthetic resin emulsion enable our customers to improve their productivity.

Product line up of polymer sales division

Synthetic resin emulsion adhesive


CEVIAN-A is vinyl acetate emulsion used for paper package, adhesive, adhesive, glue, textile processing, paper processing.. We have non-solvent type, phthalic acid free grades as well,which is environmental friendly.


AQUABRID is acrylic emulsion, and used for binder of paint, coating application like film processing, paper processing.. We have environmental friendly grades as well.


Our ECOBRID is heat-sensitive adhesive (delayed tack) for label without released paper which is environment friendly.